The Migrant Worker Justice Initiative catalyses improved enforcement of rights and just remedies for migrant workers globally. We draw on rigorous analysis of migrant workers’ experiences across multiple regions to provide governments, business and civil society with pragmatic new pathways for reform.

There are over 150 million migrant workers around the world. Global supply chains and many state economies now depend on the labour and remittances of the most low paid migrants. Many work under unsafe, deceitful or exploitative conditions, and never obtain just remedies and wages they are owed.

The MWJI crosses the next frontier from protection to remedies. Our detailed empirical research provides a deep understanding of the structural and practical hurdles that prevent migrant workers accessing redress for exploitation and forced labour, both at home and abroad. We engage with migrant worker advocates, unions, business and government regulators locally and globally to overcome these hurdles and develop frameworks that enable responsible recruitment, decent work and just remedies.