RECENT Reports

Laurie Berg and Gabrielle Meagher, Cultural Exchagnge or Cheap Housekeeper? Findings of a National Survey of Au Pairs in Australia (2018)

Bassina Farbenblum, Laurie Berg and Angela Kintominas, Transformative Technology for Migrant Workers: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks (Open Society Foundations, 2018)

Bassina Farbenblum and Laurie Berg, Wage Theft in Silence: Why Migrant Workers Do Not Recover Their Unpaid Wages in Australia (2018)

Laurie Berg and Bassina Farbenblum, Wage Theft in Australia: Findings of the National Temporary Migrant Work Survey (2017)

Alexander Reilly, Joanna Howe, Laurie Berg, Bassina Farbenblum and George Tan, International Students and the Fair Work Ombudsman (Fair Work Ombudsman, 2017)

UNSW Human Rights Clinic, Temporary Migrant Workers in Australia: Issues Paper, October 2015 (2015)

Sarah Paoletti, Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Bandita Sijapati and Bassina Farbenblum, Migrant Workers' Access to Justice at Home: Nepal (Open Society Foundations, 2014)

Bassina Farbenblum, Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson and Sarah Paoletti, Migrant Workers' Access to Justice at Home: Indonesia (Open Society Foundations, 2013) 


Laurie Berg, Migrant Rights at Work: Law’s Precariousness at the Intersection of Immigration and Labour (Routledge, 2016)

recent Articles

Laurie Berg and Bassina Farbenblum, “Remedies for Migrant Worker Exploitation in Australia: Lessons from the 7-Eleven Wage Repayment Program” (2018) 41(3) Melbourne University Law Review 1035

Joanna Howe, Laurie Berg and Bassina Farbenblum, “Unfair Dismissal Law and Temporary Migrant Labour in Australia” (2018) 46(1) Federal Law Review 19

Laurie Berg and Bassina Farbenblum, 'Migrant workers’ access to remedy for exploitation in Australia: The role of the national Fair Work Ombudsman' (2017) 23(3) Australian Journal of Human Rights (online first)

Bassina Farbenblum and Justine Nolan, 'The Business of Migrant Worker Recruitment: Who has the Responsibility and Leverage to Protect Rights?' (2017) 52 (1) Texas International Law Journal

Bassina Farbenblum, 'Governance of Migrant Worker Recruitment: A Rights-Based Framework for Countries of Origin'(2017) 7(1) Asian Journal of International Law 152