Information For Impact: Enabling Education Providers to Address Exploitation of International Students in Accommodation and at Work (StudyNSW partner project)

Photo: Caroline Attwood/Unsplash

Photo: Caroline Attwood/Unsplash

UNSW Sydney and UTS are leading a response by NSW’s international education sector to the exploitation of international students in accommodation and at work. Funded as a Partner Project by StudyNSW, the Information for Impact study will enable education providers across the NSW VET, ELICOS and higher education sectors to more effectively deliver information on employment and housing that assists students to avoid and address exploitation.

Building on existing research on student experiences and attitudes in relation to exploitation, the project is examining the types of information that will effectively respond to students’ needs and experiences, and influence their attitudes. The research includes focus groups and a nationwide survey of international students, and collation of the views of project partners and other student-facing stakeholders across the international education sector.

The survey has now closed, with over 5,000 international student participants. The findings will be published in a report in late 2019.

Research team:

  • Bassina Farbenblum, Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney and MWJI Co-Director

  • Laurie Berg, Senior Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney and MWJI Co-Director

  • Sonja Duncan, Director of SD Strategies and MWJI Senior Researcher

  • Christine Eastman, Independent data analyst expert

  • Liz Moss, Associate, SD Strategies

  • Angela Kintominas, Scientia PhD Scholar at UNSW Sydney and MWJI Research Associate

  • DongJu Lee, Research Assistant

International Student Participant Recruitment Committee:

  • Annalyn Antig Violata

  • Anxiu (Ashley) Liao

  • Nayonika Bhattacharya

  • Sarina Manandhar

  • Xiaoyong (Shaun) Luo

Project partners:

  • English Australia


  • Council of International Students Australia (CISA)

  • Redfern Legal Centre

  • Fair Work Ombudsman

  • Edex Education

Advisory Group:

  • Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

  • Australian Taxation Office