national temporary migrant work survey

This project tracks the extent of wage theft and other mistreatment of temporary migrants across industry sectors, visa types, nationality and geographic area. It draws on findings from the National Temporary Migrant Work Survey, a nationwide survey of 4,322 international students, backpackers and skilled temporary workers.

Survey findings will be released in a report in late November 2017. 


Issues Paper: Temporary Migrant Workers in Australia

This Issues Paper, released by the UNSW Human Rights Clinic, is an overview of temporary migrant labour in Australia for a general audience. It addresses the situation of different categories of temporary migrants, explains the factors that make them vulnerable to mistreatment, and analyses the harms they encounter at work. It sets out relevant international and domestic laws in Australia and describes key institutional frameworks.


migrant rights at work

This book by Laurie Berg, published by Routledge in 2016, is the first to explore the structural and legal drivers of temporary migrants’ precarious work in Australia. It uses detailed case studies of successive regulatory reforms in this country to explain how immigration law and enforcement reconfigure the relationships between migrant workers and employers, and produce uncertain and coercive working conditions.